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This complex consists of transmembrane E-cadherin and its associated intracellular catenins (α, β, γ, and p120) ().

However, these mice appeared normal with the exception of an occasional lack of scheduled hair development (data not shown).

This study addresses the contributions of α-catenin in the developing mammary epithelium and as a tumor suppressor as suggested in skin.

To avoid the embryonic lethality associated with α-catenin deficient mice, the gene encoding α-catenin was inactivated using Cre-lox P mediated recombination.

For this purpose, Cre transgenes were bred into mice that carried the ., 2001) is present in mammary epithelium during embryogenesis.

In these mice, Cre is expressed in mammary ductal and alveolar epithelium in addition to several other tissues throughout development.

The lactating mammary gland consists of two distinct epithelial compartments, a branching system of ducts embedded in connective tissue and a lobuloalveolar structure containing differentiated secretory epithelial cells.

The epithelial cells are surrounded by a network of myoepithelial cells.

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Alpha-catenin is a structural molecule and essential to the function of epithelial adherens junctions.

Loss of α-catenin arrested alveolar epithelial expansion.

These cells lacked proper polarity and markers of functional differentiation, which resulted in impaired milk protein gene expression.

Mammary gland morphogenesis proceeds in distinct phases.

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