69 dating trans

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69 dating trans

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These cars were all to be racers, so they did not have heaters or radios, and most came with transistor ignition, special heavy duty brakes, special front and rear suspension and heavy duty close ration 4 speed transmission.

Interior door handles and control knobs were redesigned.

A warning light was added to warn that the headlights hadn't completely opened.

The actuator was changed from the "can" shape on the early 69s to the "double pie plates" shape on the late 69s.

This is not always accurate because some of the late 69s have the "can." Many of the parts changed during production, and early and late does not necessarily have anything to do with when the car was built.

It has the codes for the original exterior paint and interior trim colors and the time/build date for your car.

See chart for build date following Basic Specifictions.The early/late changeover was at approximately SN#18,744 in March 1969.A good rule of thumb is to check the vacuum actuator located on the right side of the firewall.The tag under the bolt holding the tailshaft reads 3D3-B-1. The 1957-1965 models use a Thrust Bearing between 2nd and 3rd gears, the '66-'69 don't use a Thrust Bearing.The last time I opened it up was in 1975 to replace the synchronizers and 2nd gear.The engine ID and engine VIN are stamped on a casting boss on the front right hand side of the engine block.