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The apps all work on a simple premise: you sign up (either through Facebook or another account), fill in a few basic details, sort out your privacy settings and how much you want to share, and started choosing from all the names that show up.If two people have both liked each other’s profile, they get a notification and they can take the conversation forward.

The free app is very much like Facebook in the way it works: It lets you email, chat, create full length profiles and browse profiles.Most of the apps are new so it’s hard to find figures for usage in India.We’ve chosen our list based on recommendations of people who have used these apps.You can’t talk about dating apps without mentioning Tinder.It’s ubiquitous; ingrained into current western culture in the same way as Nando’s and Uber.You can also seek blind dates using the ‘crazy blind date’ feature.

Some say this exclusively Indian app is among the safer ones for women.

Independent young Indians are turning to their smartphones to make dates and find love. Text: Joanna Lobo Image: Love Matters A date today is just a swipe away.

Spurred by the success of Tinder and Ok Cupid and their successful forays into India, there are now a bunch of homegrown, free, localized dating apps.

" That's the motto of Wiith , the newest of the friend-hunting apps.

The idea is to be spontaneous rather than structuring outings weeks in advance. For those who prefer to meet one-on-one and are seeking a platonic connection, Peoplehunt could be for you.

Using social media, they hunt for ID proofs for everything from social profiles and employment records to religion and income to showcase the ‘real deal’.

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    Tips for Dating a Millionaire Before you venture into online millionaire dating, you must be aware that you will find different people with different objectives.