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They recognise his voice from the soundtracks to films or the backing tracks to TV commercials.What many don’t know is that he was a remarkable musician whose technical expertise and the genius of his musical imagination made him the model for virtually every jazz musician from the late Twenties to the outbreak of the Second World War, and beyond.

His late Forties band was named The All-Stars and it would become a revolving cast of musicians that created music that Louis took around the world.By the time he was seven he was back living with his mother and working for a Russian Jewish family selling coal to brothels while also going to school.When he was 11 he was found guilty of firing a gun and sent to the Colored Waifs Home For Boys where he spent the next 18 months. He learned to play the cornet there and a year after leaving the home he took responsibility for his cousin’s illegitimate son who would later turn out to have learning difficulties. Two years later Louis was playing the blues and jazz on his cornet in the bars and brothels of Storyville.Louis was truly the Ambassador of Jazz but he was also an ambassador for joy and happiness.A trumpet, a smile, a laugh and willingness to “live for that audience”’ all helped to make Louis Armstrong a 20th-century icon.Working in the music business at that time meant working with gangsters and Louis soon had a manager with mob connections.

He was white and for the remainder of his career Louis had white managers who understood how to keep Louis working in a segregated America.He hooked up with Lil Hardin, Oliver’s pianist, and the two soon married, with Louis making his first record as part of king Oliver’s band in April 1923.From there the ambitious Lil pushed the younger Louis to leave his old friend to work in New York with Fletcher Henderson’s Orchestra before setting up the Hot Five to record under his own name and create some of the best jazz records ever.Then in 1918 he married a prostitute, Daisy, the first of his four wives.Soon after that he left Kid Ory’s band to start working on the giant riverboats that plied their trade up and down the mighty Mississippi.It was also around this time that he began smoking it on a regular basis, something he did for the rest of his life.