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The biological tendency toward female verbal-emotive functioning does not mean that girls or women should be left out of classes or careers that use spatial-mechanical skills.On the contrary: We raise these issues to call on our civilization to realize the differing natures of girls and boys and to teach each subject according to how the child's brain needs to learn it.

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Although some girls excel in these areas, more males than females gravitate toward physics, industrial engineering, and architecture.It's true that culture affects gender role, gender costume, and gender nuances—in Italy, for example, men cry more than they do in England—but role, costume, and nuance only affect some aspects of the learning brain of a child.New brain imaging technologies confirm that genetically templated brain patterning by gender plays a far larger role than we realized.As one teacher wrote, For years I sensed that the girls and boys in my classrooms learn in gender-specific ways, but I didn't know enough to help each student reach full potential.I was trained in the idea that each student is an individual.But when I saw the PET scans of boys' and girls' brains, I saw how differently those brains are set up to learn. I trained in male/female brain differences and was able to teach each individual child.

Now, looking back, I'm amazed that teachers were never taught the differences between how girls and boys learn.

At the same time, most teachers, parents, and other professionals involved in education know that it is mainly our boys who underperform in school. The 2000 National Assessment of Educational Progress finds boys one and one-half years behind girls in reading/writing (National Center for Education Statistics, 2000). She coordinates the Inter Cept Teen Mentoring Program for Girls.

Girls are now only negligibly behind boys in math and science, areas in which boys have historically outperformed girls (Conlin, 2003).

On average, educators will need to provide girls with extra encouragement and gender-specific strategies to successfully engage them in spatial abstracts, including computer design.

What, then, are some of the qualities that are generally more characteristic of boys' brains?

We now need a new movement to alter classrooms to better suit boys' learning patterns if we are to deal with the gaps in grades, discipline, and reading/writing that threaten to close many boys out of college and out of success in life.