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Listening to music together is a popular past time for many long distance couples.

So while you probably wouldn’t listen to music while visiting this website, it could make for some interesting background noise for a ‘coffeehouse’ webcam date? Soundrown is probably the simplest most organized of all the websites on this list. Escape.” With all the sound options provided on this neat little website, we’re sure you’ll find it pretty easy to do that. There are five different “rooms” you can venture into, each one with a specific goal towards helping you find your quiet place.

Coffitivity is a website that gives you the background noise of a coffee shop with mostly the low sounds of people talking and chattering about. Each room instructs you to silence your cellphones and all other distractions before pulling you in with soothing music.

It has 3 modes that you can choose from; “Morning Murmur” which imitates the early morning bustle of a coffee shop, “Lunchtime Lounge” which has all the sounds you’d expect to hear in any cafeteria or lounge, and “University Undertones” which has the slightly more lively sounds of a college campus cafe. In the quiet place there are no notifications, Facebook statuses, etc.

Jazz and Rain is a website that is similar to Rainymood in its function, but with a twist since it lets you listen to rain and Jazz music at the same time.

It’s super relaxing and eliminates the need to search for music.

Xoki lets you create a color based “playlist” of sorts.

Just select which colors you want on your playlist and the website will play through those colors, transitioning through each one every three seconds.It’s slogan is “Rain Makes Everything Better” and that couldn’t be more true, especially when listening to music right alongside it.What started as a website with a singular purpose has morphed into both an Android and i Os app that will let you take Rainymood with you wherever you go.Aside from that, this website is exactly what it seems to be. Not all long distance couples are part of the hearing world, some may be deaf or even just hard of hearing which is why we’re including Xoki in our list.It’s not so much a sound based ambiance website, but is more of a visual one.We’re not entirely sure what the purpose of this website is, since you can’t actually take a shower with it.

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