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GP is a warm, friendly community that welcomes all style of RPers.There is typically something to suit everyone's tastes.

Please confine such comments to Instant Messages or e-mail.

Please keep this in mind when choosing actions and storylines for the room.

While we are no longer bound by the Terms of Service of any parent service and has been slowly maturing past the original "PG-13" guidelines in many ways, there is one area that needs to be specifically addressed.

With the ability to have not just avatars, but also portraits in your forum profile, we have all been given a very easy to use tool to help the world "see" your character.

With the ever-increasing subscriber base here on Dragon's Mark, we have to be even more aware of just what is being posted as part of the profile.

Any player-to-player discussion should preferably be made via Instant Messaging (a built-in feature of Flash Chat), since no one else in the room wants to hear two players arguing OOC (out-of-character) over something that should remain IC (in-character) in the room.

Conflict and physical altercations (fights) can make for some great role-play, but always be aware of how it is effecting the overall flow and tone of the room you are in.

Please keep a backup copy of all images you submit.

If you are unsure about a specific image, simply ask.

Wednesday, Mar 22RDI Lirssa in the RDI- pm ET Complete Calendar .:: Site News ::. One registration gives you member access to all the Dragon's Mark sites.

You just need to register as a member of Dragon's Mark.

Live role-playing is available to anyone on the Web via our Flash Chat rooms.

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