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Unbeknownst to her, however, she might also be helping shake up traditional wireless-carrier models as we know them.

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To learn more about our principles, policies, and history, see our about us page.In other words, using Wi-Fi on her i Pod Touch (along with microphone-equipped earbuds), my daughter will be able to actually call and talk to me.And an i Phone customer--say, a college student like Woock's son, who's grown accustomed to getting everything for free--could use his Textfree phone number as an extra one that doesn't cost anything to use.That's as many wireless numbers as AT&T gave out to net new subscribers in April, May, and June, according to the company's second-quarter filing.Pinger is now sending out about 630 million text messages per month; 70 percent of those are sent from i Pod Touches, and 30 percent are sent from i Phones. Textfree is one of a handful of mobile-texting apps that you can find in Apple's App Store, Gogii's among the higher-ranked ones. Many of the regular users here simply refer to us as scsc.

If you are a mature adult over the age of 18, we welcome you to our open minded community."If you have a phone number, now you're cool, even if you don't have a phone.No one knows you don't have a phone." And the trade-offs are minor, especially by the standards of a 10-year-old.But when it comes to 10-year-old girls, I dare say, there are two ubiquitous desires: getting one's ears pierced and getting a cell phone.And you may as well let go of that ol' school stereotype of a preteen--phone glued to ear, gabbing on and on with friends about inanities--the phone is not really for talking. This is why my own 10-year-old daughter--too young in her stodgy mom's eyes for piercings or a cell phone--was ecstatic to have found a work-around for the latter.In Pinger's own surveying, it has found that about half of those using Textfree on an i Phone have reduced or turned off their texting plan.