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If you were recorded, would you trust that these videos would remain private?

Caring for people with disabilities and dementia is difficult work.You want to catch them doing something before it leads to injury.on the use of "granny cams" to detect elder abuse in nursing homes.Ohio's Attorney General Mike De Wine found enough evidence on granny cam videos to close one nursing home in 2013. They notice items disappearing from their loved one's room. They also invade the privacy of staff, visitors and any other residents who come into that room.I have spent thousands of hours providing medical care in nursing homes as a geriatrician.

From this vantage point, I think we need to give the use of cameras some serious thought before plunging headfirst down this new surveillance rabbit hole.

There should certainly be zero tolerance for elder abuse in nursing homes -- I have participated as an expert in the civil and criminal prosecution of errant heath care workers -- but do employees have any rights here?

Who among us would want to be recorded -- continuously and secretly -- in our daily employment?

The rights and safety of residents should be of paramount concern here, and the positive potential of video cameras to protect the safety of residents has obvious appeal.

But what about the privacy rights of patients in this setting?

The piece was prompted by several cases in which family members of nursing home residents placed video cameras in the rooms of their loved ones and recorded the goings-on there, unbeknownst to the staff.

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