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La fisioterapia intensiva e individuale è completata da una terapia specialistica di linguaggio, da ossigenoterapia iperbarica, terapia manuale e da un certo numero di terapie complementari adeguatamente combinate secondo lo stato di salute del paziente.

Il trattamento è fornito principalmente ai bambini gravemente disabili ed agli adulti con le seguenti diagnosi: paralisi cerebrale, ictus, trauma o lesioni cerebrali acquisite, danni al midollo spinale, spina bifida, commozione cerebrale, diversi paresi o stato vegetativo persistente.Eine Frühforderung kann mit der gezielten und passenden Rehabilitation hervorragende Fortschritte und Ergebnisse bringen.Ein Schädel-Hirn-Trauma ist auch ein Grund warum Patienten und ihre Familien unsere neurologische Klinik aussuchen.Stroke and its consequences are also the reasons for which the disabled and their families visit our international neurological clinic.The stroke, without an adequate rehabilitation care in the first stage after the incident, often causes severe disability.If you are looking for an individual approach to child and adult patients, or for patients with combined physical and mental disabilities, combined with modern therapeutic approaches, then ADELI Medical Center is the right place.

With over 10 years of experience, more than 7,000 treated patients from over 30 countries, professionally trained staff, and an intensive therapy for 5-6 hours a day, and 6 days a week, it is a guarantee of maximum possible success for each patient.Schlaganfall ohne jede adäquate Hilfe verursacht eine schwere gesundheitliche Behinderung.Zu dem Bestandteil unseres Zentrums gehört eine speziell in Deutschland hergestellte hyperbare Sauerstoffkammer.Behandelt werden hauptsächlich Erwachsene und Kinder mit einer schweren Behinderung und Diagnosen wie Infantile Zerebralparese, Schlaganfall, Schädel-Hirn-Trauma, Verletzungen des Rückenmarks, Spina Bifida, Hirnblutung, Schädel-Hirn-Verletzung wie auch unterschiedliche Paresen und Wachkoma im stabilen Zustand.Intensive und individuelle Physiotherapie ist ergänzt mit Logopädie, hyperbare Sauerstoff Therapie und weiteren wichtigen Behandlungen welche sind immer genau nach dem Gesundheitszustand des Patienten abgestimmt.Ist ein internationales Zentrum spezialisiert auf die Neurorehabilitation.

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    The passage of the SSMPA was immediately followed by extensive media reports of high levels of violence, including mob attacks and extortion against LGBT people.

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    Also, why didn't they just renegotiate his contract this summer and avoid everything that happened? blowing a million contract because he and his agent believed they could bully the Eagles into tearing it up? O.'s hysterical second apology (he sounded about as sincere as someone reading from a piece of paper in a hostage video), followed by Drew Rosenhaus' over-the-top, career-ending performance that came straight out of a bad "Playmakers" episode? Like another team being dumb enough to sign Owens and think it could work out. He is undoubtedly one of the most extraordinary talents in football; however, any team would be crazy to give this guy a long-term contract.

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