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Below is information offered by Aging Blueprint: The older worker population has significant implications for the healthcare and other industries.The industries employ an older workforce and provide services to an increasing number of aging patients.

Many are finding it necessary to work beyond normal retirement age.

Aging Blueprint provides advice and tips on these conditions.

They include ways to eat better, lifestyle habits that prevent cancer, and fundamental need of physical activity to prevent disease. Most older Americans maintain close relationships with friends and family and live independently. Depression is not as prevalent in seniors as it is in younger adults.

Strategies are being explored to retain older professionals.

Those with age-related disabilities are included in the exploration.

Read the study information presented on this website.

Here are some links that discuss benefits of physical activity: Thirty-eight percent of adults surveyed reported the use of complementary and alternative medicine.The growing aging population has created a need for health care workers, financial planners, counselors, and qualified occupational therapists.Gerontologists deal with government policy, physiology of aging, research methods, geriatric psychology, social services, housing, ethics, and theories of aging.Increased physical activity is associated with lower health costs.The savings justify active intervention to increase physical activity for seniors.A prediction was made that the years from 2010 to 2020 will see an 80 percent increase in people working past the age of 65.

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