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Assessment and Treatment of Addictive Sexual Disorders: Relevance for Chemical Dependency Relapse by Jennifer P. Out-of-control behaviors: Addiction, Compulsion, or Impulse control disorder? A person in sustained remission from substance dependence suddenly and unexpectedly engages in some romantic and/or sexual behavior that is self destructive and self defeating. In this paper we review the various psychological explanations which have been put forth for compulsive sexual behaviors; present a general definition of addiction and how behaviors can fall within the framework of an addiction; describe the range of addictive sexual behaviors and how they relate to traditional psychiatric diagnoses of sexual disorders; explain how multiple addictions can interact and affect each other; review the natural history of untreated sexual addiction; describe how sex addiction is assessed, and present a differential diagnosis of excessive sexual behaviors; summarize a treatment approach based on the addiction paradigm; mention the role of particular medications in treating addictive sexual disorders; and supply contact information for the 12-step mutual-help programs for sex addicts and their partners.

Were you aware that local Topeka swingers are merely a few clicks away? Accordingly, neither this site nor the contents contained herein are covered by the record-keeping provisions of (a)-(c). You must be over 18 to enter or 21 were applicable by law. This particular type of behavior, [often viewed as either seduction, romance, or victimization] had occurred previously while the person had been using his or her substance of choice.Now the sexual behavior continues in the absence of the drug.The addict must now admit that he or she is powerless over a mood-altering behavior or fantasy.Many addiction treatment professionals limit the concept of addictive disorders to substance-induced disorders (formerly referred to as chemical dependency).According to this view, an addictive disorder is one that is caused directly by the effect on the brain of an ingested, injected, or inhaled mood-altering chemical.

A corollary of this paradigm is that an excessive, out-of-control behavior such as compulsive gambling, compulsive overeating, or compulsive sexual behavior cannot be an addiction because an exogenous chemical has not been consumed.

In other cases, however, a second, unrecognized addictive disorder may be present.

Until this behavioral addiction is conceptualized, understood, and addressed, sustained sobriety from drug use is unlikely.

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