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In Germany, for example, the Society for Musical Performing Rights and Mechanical Reproduction Rights (GEMA) is responsible for most of the blocked videos.The GEMA makes sure that composers and publishers get their due for a performance.

There are various reasons why You Tube videos may be blocked and You Tube cannot always be held responsible for it.Above all, this holds because You Tube’s blocking mostly affects current hits.What’s more, this mainly or almost exclusively concerns You Tube’s German users.However, You Tube is not the only platform that limits its access to videos.The over-the-top (OTT) subscription service “Hulu”, for instance, offers its range of videos and other content only to users who are located inside the States.In fact, in most cases You Tube merely acts on behalf of record companies and motion picture studios when they believe that copyrights have been violated (Content ID Match or DMCA Takedown Notice).

In addition, many governments have filtered You Tube’s content in order to prevent public exposure to videos that may ignite social or political unrest; others might even have imposed a complete ban on the platform.

Those overweigh the ‘presumed loss’, which might emerge through violation of copyrights or the so-called rights of use.

Oftentimes, users of You Tube only want to listen to the newest album of their favourite artist before they decide whether to buy it or not—just like people did by listening to the radio, back in the days.

If a user tries to ‘activate’ a video on Hulu’s website, the following message will be displayed: “Sorry, currently our video library can only be watched from within the United States.” Hulu states a number of legal and business issues, such as the lack of international streaming rights, as the reason for not yet being able to make their content available globally.

You Tube also struggles with some outstanding legal issues regarding copyrights.

in the States, you may be able to watch a video but if you try to watch the same video from out of Spain, it may be blocked.

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