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I believe that as this blog evolves you will have a much better understanding as to what sets us aside from the ordinary & mundane.

With the way our industry has been moving forward, we do not want to be left behind.We have two great mechanical techs on staff with two more techs on the horizon.One of the current techs is Eric O’Sullivan, a motor sports enthusiast and a professional drift driver.Between the new techs and the investment in updated equipment, there is no reason why County Line cannot also become one of the top mechanical shops in central Jersey. Our business is changing everyday and we look forward to continuing to serve Monmouth and Ocean counties.Feel free to stop in or schedule an appointment online.In response to the requests and to make for a better customer experience, we now have opened our doors to all mechanical work.

This includes everything from oil changes to wheel alignments.Basically, slowing down a little bit to make sure our loyal clientele has the opportunity to see what is happening in and around the shop every now and then.I’m planning on dropping a monthly “Around The Shop” post because it isn’t often our client gets the opportunity to see the back end of the big show.More or less it’s where the magic happens, not that the front office isn’t important, but that’s only the first step of the process, and usually the only step that most people get to witness…well, along with picking up the final product which again puts you right back in the front office.I felt this was the best way to bring the shop to life, show you the inner workings and some of the toys we get to play with, display some of the hard hit collision repairs that are being performed by our certified and experienced craftsman, as well as the minor repair work, show-off some of the incredible paintwork that our painters turn out on a daily basis, give a few of the employees some exposure that they so deserve but in most cases are overlooked in the grand scheme of day to day operations.ABRN Top Shops | Collision Repair | County Line Auto Body | Eric O'Sullivan | Gary Gardella | Howell | Mechanical Services | Monmouth County NJ | New Jersey | Ocean County NJ | Rich Gardella | Wheel Alignments The Race of Gentlemen is exclusively a traditionally built hot rod drag event on the beach from Allenhurst to Loch Arbor.

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