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手荒な [てあらな, te-ara na] rough, heavy-handed D [でぃー, D] pregnancy resulting from “C” (where ‘C’ refers to having sex) DC [でぃーしー, DC] illegal prostitution organization (abbreviated form of deeto kurabu, i.e.: date club) ティスト [てぃすと, teisuto] taste; liking; preference 手一杯 [ていっぱい, te ippai] busy; hands full; overwhelmed Tパック [てぃぱっく, teipakku] T-back: thong panties 手いらず [ていらず, teirazu] untouched; requiring little trouble 手入れ [ていれ, teire] arrest (lit.: obtaining, getting in hand) デートクラブ [でーとくらぶ, deeto kurabu] illegal prostitution organization (lit.: date club) 手か [てか, teka] follower; underling; minion (in a yakuza organization) (lit.: hands) でか [でか, deka] detective, dick (a standard word, even used in the title of a TV series: ‘Abunai Deka’ in the late 1980s) 手が開いている [てがあいている, te ga aite iru] be free; be uninvolved in anything 手が空けば口が空く [てがあけばくちがあく, te ga akeba kuchi ga aku] if a person does not work, he will not eat; work not, eat not でかい [でかい, dekai] large; big (a standard slang word for large.

They’re right there, bobbing along beneath your chin, catching the food you drop and proudly escorting you into the world day after day.でたらめ人間 [でたらめにんげん, detarame ningen] unreliable, irresponsible person (n.b.: very derogatory) てだれ [てだれ, tedare] skillful, masterly でっぷり [でっぷり, deppuri] stout yet wealthy gentleman 鉄砲 [てっぽう, teppou] penis (lit.: gun, pistol) 徹マン [てつまん, tetsu-man] all-nighter, sex all night (lit.: night fuck, where ‘man’ is abbreviated from ‘manko,’ cunt; n.b.: the word "tetsu-man" usually means, in ordinary conversation play mahjong all night, and this other meaning occurs rarely and only among men) 鉄面皮 [てつめんぴ, tetsumenpi] thick-skinned (lit.: iron face skin) 手慰み [てなぐさみ, tenagusami] masturbation; jerking off (lit.: finger/hand play) 手に合わぬ [てにあわぬ, te ni awanu] get out of hand 手に取る [てにとる, te ni toru] pick up 手にはいたものだ [てにはいたものだ, te ni haitta mono da] be at home; be adept デニる [でにる, deniru] to eat at Denny’s 手の切れるような [てのきれるような, te no kireru you na] crisp, sharp enough to cut 手の組んだ [てのくんだ, te no kunda] complicated, intricate でぶ [でぶ, debu] fat; Fatso, Fatty (n.b.: standard word to describe being overweight or to address an overweight person.Note that with -chan, Debu-chain, some degree of affection is implied, as when used with roly-poly children or young people.) でぶでぶ [でぶでぶ, debu-debu] ton of lard 手間 [てま, tema] nuisance, bother, trouble (n.b.: a standard colloquial word whose impact can be modified by the verb form used with it) デマ [でま, dema] false rumor; groundless rumor 手前味噌をあげる [てまえみそをあげる, temae miso o ageru] praise oneself, blow one’s own horn 出目金 [でめきん, demekin] bug-eyed (lit.: a species of exotic goldfish with round protruding eyes) 手も足も出ない [てもあしもでない, te mo ashi mo denai] be at one’s wit’s end 手も足も踏む所知らず [てもあしもふむところしらず, te mo ashi mo fumu tokoro shirazu] be in ecstasy; be in heaven 寺銭 [てらせん, tera-sen] territory money (lit.: temple money) デルタ [でるた, deruta] pubic mound (lit.: delta) テレクラ [てれくら, tere-kura] a telephone chat line or dating service 照れ屋 [てれや, tereya] bashful person; shy person; wall flower テレワーキ [てれわーき, tere-waaki] telecommuting 手を打つ [てをうつ, te o utsu] strike a bargain 手を組む [てをくむ, te o kumu] join forces 手を濡らさずに取る [てをぬらさずにとる, te o nurasazu ni toru] get something without any particular effort 手を引く [てをひく, te o hiku] wash one’s hands of; pull out of 手を分ける [てをわける, te o wakeru] form groups; divide into groups 天国へいく [てんごくへいく, tengoku e iku] come; have an orgasm (lit.: to go to paradise) 電動こけし [でんどうこけし, dendou kokeshi] dildo; vibrator (lit.: electric kokeshi doll; n.b.: a kokeshi doll is shaped like an erect penis, hence its use here) Back to Japanese.I didn’t start running until I was an adult – and, even then, I only did it because it was the only form of exercise I could do that didn’t require a gym membership or expensive equipment or, say, hand-eye coordination.When I finished the marathon, I got to prove wrong all the people who had looked at me doubtfully when I said I was going to do it. ), you are told there are a lot of things you can’t do: run marathons, be a rock star, hang out in naked hot tubs, rock a bikini, be strong, be sexy, work on a rice farm, dance, find pants in Asia, wear short-shorts.What if you found out you do all those things and the only person holding you back was yourself? because I’m pretty sure my mom would not approve of my wearing short-shorts.) Wouldn’t that be cool?

So fear not, my voluptuous female friends, Asia isn’t all bad for us big girls. (Mind you, when served with a side of celery, Buffalo wings effectively become a salad.) Sure, I am not a dainty little thing. I have one of those bodies that clings stubbornly to every calorie consumed as if it suspects a plague of locusts or a zombie apocalypse is just around the corner. ), there are some days when I dream of jetting off to some hearty Eastern European country where a girl of my stature might be considered normal – heck, maybe even possibly, desirable. You see, Chinese people have, what I consider to be, a “can-do attitude” when it comes to the tasks of daily life, like shopping, taking public transportation and driving. Wait patiently while other passengers get off the train before you barge your way on? Allow pedestrians to cross the street before you charge through the intersection in your vegetable truck? And if I was at one of those gyms that didn’t have shower curtains for the showers, I would opt to skip the shower all together and just spray myself liberally with deodorant. One of my favorite activities was going to the public hotspring baths or . I began running races and even ran a full marathon – something I would have been way too self-conscious to do in America as I am a really slow runner. Where I’m from, deep-fried chicken wings in chunky, blue cheese sauce are considered a light pre-dinner snack. There is simply Frankly, after four years of being considered fat (when, I swear, I am merely robust! ) But being big has its advantages — especially in China. And, that vegetable truck driver is going to think twice about attempting to run I would do this thing where I would change from my street clothes into my gym clothes without ever actually removing any clothes. I also found myself doing a lot of other things in Japan that I probably would have never done in the States.So, umm, now that I’ve found pants, does that mean my quest is over? Usually these comments are not intended to be malicious or hurtful – they just kind of come out that way. I’m sure he didn’t intend to be mean – that’s just the way it came out.Once while teaching a lesson on descriptive adjectives in a writing class in Japan, the word “fat” came up. (Likewise, I’m sure I also didn’t intend to mark ten points of his grade point average – that’s just the way it came out.) During a hike in Northern Thailand, my Thai friend gleefully informed me, “You walk like Santa Claus.” When I tried to explain to him that he shouldn’t tell a girl that she walks with the grace of an obese man in a red fur suit, he was sincerely confused. While working on the Malaysian rice farm last spring, the rice farmer would often tell me, “You’re not fat. Heck, I’m considered downright svelte in my hometown of Buffalo, where people like their food portions big and preferably deep-fried. I come from a long line of Midwestern farm folk where sturdiness is vital for one’s survival — you know, should one have to withstand cattle stampede.) Sure, I gained some weight while I was traveling last year due to a slight shift in my priorities — namely, a shift from “attempting to eat reasonably and exercise regularly” to “attempting to eat every weird-flavored potato chip in all of Asia.” (Hey, it was a cultural experiment! As you can see from the recent photo below, there’s no way a girl of my size could trample Tokyo and devour innocent bystanders. When making my way through the crowds at the train station, I barge on through like a line-backer. This meant that they had no one to measure me against. They probably just figured Americans jiggled when they were naked.