Board member dating employee

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Board member dating employee - paula creamer is dating

You, or a member of your immediate family, may not accept a gift from a contractor, vendor, consultant, or similar business contact doing business with or seeking to do business with PG&E unless all six of the following conditions are met: A gift is no longer considered a gift if within 30 days, the recipient either (1) returns the gift to the giver or (2) reimburses the value of the gift to the giver from personal funds.

Serving in Federal, State, or Local Government If you previously served in, or were employed by, the federal, state, or local government, the law may restrict your interaction with government agencies on behalf of PG&E for a period of time.A potential or actual conflict of interest exists if you participate in or attempt to influence a decision or transaction that could materially affect the value of a financial interest held by you, a member of your family, or another person with whom you have a close relationship.A "financial interest" is (a) any investment in a privately held business or (b) an investment equal to one month of your base salary or more in the publicly traded stock of another company that is conducting or seeking to conduct business with PG&E.Special rules apply in certain gift-giving situations: Loans, Advances, or Guarantees of Obligations PG&E prohibits loans or advances of corporate funds to its employees, officers or Board members, and does not guarantee their obligations.PG&E also prohibits loans, advances, or guarantees for friends and family members.Conflicts of interest also arise when an employee or a member of his or her family receives improper benefits (e.g., a loan or guarantee of work) as a result of the employees position in the company.

Disclose any potential conflict of interest to your supervisor, and ensure that the appropriate decision-maker concurs in writing if youre allowed to remain in a situation that could be perceived as a conflict of interest.

(Do not include indirect holdings of stock via mutual funds when considering this threshold.) If you have a potential conflict of interest, take the following steps: Favored Treatment Do not use your position to obtain or provide favored treatment for yourself or others with whom you have a personal relationship.

This can include any business matter, including hiring or promoting employees, selecting contractors or vendors, or participating in nonpublic investment opportunities such as Initial Public Offerings (IPOs).

A gift can be anything of value, including such items as a ticket to a sporting event or play, a non-business meal, a bottle of wine, a coffee cup, a free service, a special discount, or an all-expenses-paid trip to a conference or trade show.

Note: cash and cash equivalents (e.g., gift cards) are not "gifts"; they are compensation and are taxable.

(Refer to the PG&E Corporation "Nepotism Policy" for restrictions concerning close relatives.) You also may not take for your own benefit any PG&E business opportunity that is discovered through the use of company property, information or your position.

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