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Basically, this is a quest where a local warlord asks you to find his lost wife and child.Which escalates into a local warlord who asks you to bring back the wife and child who fled his abuse. If you care at all about storytelling in video games, YOU MUST PLAY THIS SECTION.

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All this brings me (finally) to the thing I loved most about the game: The relationship between the hero, Geralt, and his ward and surrogate daughter, Ciri. Ciri is your standard fantasy Mysterious Power, Destined To Do Great Things. The important thing is that this event is what the hours and hours of running around, confusion, and carnage has led to. These are points when you make a decision or express your opinion, but your choices don't have a concrete effect on gameplay.

That is why I say The Witcher 3 is a great example of diversity in our industry. It brings diversity of thought, perspective, history.

It is infused with a different, harder way of thinking and regarding the world.

The first part of the game is Geralt trying to find her. I don't believe false choices don't make a difference. By asking the player to mentally engage and form an opinion about what is happening in the game, you are directly shaping the player's experience.

The second part is him protecting her and helping her do the Big Fantasy Thing she needs to do. For all your running around and questing and gwent-playing, Geralt is not the main character in Witcher 3. Remember, video games are just tools we use to affect our brains.

It comes from a land that knows full well how cruel the world can be, and it knows that ignoring that cruelty is an insult to our ancestors, the ones who withstood it in order to make a world for us.

This leads The Witcher 3 to a lot of really interesting places, and I’m genuinely surprised game writers haven’t dug into it more.Thus, I can give The Witcher 3 the highest praise I can give an RPG: When I stopped playing it to do something else, I wasn't happy about it.I found it to be, and yes, I can't believe I'm saying this, a ton of fun. It does some things in writing I've never seen in a game before, and parts of the game completely blew my jaded self away. Putting On My Critic Hat There was some vigorous critical debate about The Witcher 3 when it came out, but it primarily centered around whether this Polish game, made by Poles and set in a fantasy Poland based on Polish books, had too many white people.I've been playing computer RPGs since they existed, so I'm sort of burned out on the genre.I play them for market research, but I rarely finish them and almost never enjoy them.Which escalates into finding a wife and child who fled and became ensnared in powerful, dangerous local magic. Do it on the easiest difficulty setting if you need to. It's too hard early on and too easy later.) This section takes a ton of weird plot threads that seem unconnected, ties them all together effortlessly, throws in some stunning set pieces along the way, and ramps up to an excruciating ending full of impossible choices. After that, there's a looong chapter in the city of Novigrad that is fun, but a bit overlong.

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