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But believing that life onscreen is just like real life would be the worst kind of hoax: self-deception.While Charlotte has a great sell in the gallery, especially to 'power lesbians', Samantha spots her hunky gym instructor Thor, and soon has him showering with her and enjoys his creative shaving of her pubic hair, but is this really original? Charlotte, who found her current boyfriend kissing another in the gallery, decides to go out 'man-free' with the lesbians, but can she really fit in?

Meanwhile, Samantha discovers that her hot personal instructor (that shaved her privates in the shape of a lightening) is giving lightening to other woman.See more » Where does the line between cheating and not cheating stands?The four glamorous women from Manhattan discuss the topic while going through their own experiences.Like Sex and the City, its creators are also gay men.It's altogether likely that the show's misgivings about marriage and family life reflect the creators' own concerns.I'm talking about a worldview, one that is much more prevalent among our "edgy" creative class than in the population at-large. Writers like Richard Florida have written about the link between creative people and indulging in so-called "alternative lifestyles." This link makes socially liberal views on cultural matters, like same-sex "marriage," almost mandatory in Hollywood.

So it shouldn't surprise anyone that "monogamy has come to seem an impossible goal" on TV and in the movies.And so these ideas are finding their way onto the big and small screens.I'm not talking about a conspiracy or a deliberate agenda.As Kinsey's wife tells him, the traditional restraints against adultery "keep people from hurting each other..." The unfaithful character in Desperate Housewives was prepared to tell her husband when her "confession" was interrupted by his arrest. According to James, it's a belief on filmmakers' part that "infidelity [is] one more fact of life." In these movies, "monogamy has come to seem an impossible goal; [thus] the new ideal is honesty about infidelity." In their estimation, filmmakers are portraying the world as it really is.There's another, albeit politically incorrect, explanation for the increased onscreen depiction of infidelity. Miranda dates a pretentious documentary movie buff, but is less and less comfortable with his insistence to 'get in the mood' by watching porn while they make love.