Dating a male virgin

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If I was just looking for a casual fling, then no, because my past experience (2 virgins) was that they sucked in bed the first few times. The one time I was told, it was a casual relationship, we were both young adults and he was waiting for the right woman (who he ended up divorcing, snicker), and I respected that. It got better but never great and I didn't know it.

The only downside I would see with virgins is that there are guys out there who are virgins for "weird" reasons that would interfere with having a relationship (i.e., the Oedipal complex type thing mentioned).IOW, if he was awesome and I wanted a serious relationship with him, no problem.In fact, it might be better, cause then I could teach him how to do things exactly the way I liked.I am not interested in casual sex and have a strong monogamous orientation.So, if a guy is a virgin because he's waiting for the "right person", that's good because it probably means we have similar values.It would depend on why, and how much we liked each other. Well, I once dated a guy who "practically a virgin" (yeah, that's like being "practically pregnant" but we won't get into that), so I guess it's close enough for government work.

I don't see it as a big deal, provided the guy in question didn't have creepy reasons for still being a virgin, wasn't threatened by my experience, and was willing to learn what I liked and not what he'd always heard women liked. I'm a virgin myself, so I really have no expectations to begin with.

I think it's nice if both are virgins because you can learn and grow together.

I wouldn't particularly like a virgin now, at my age that would be too weird.

Depending on the relationship, it was either awkward, or hysterically funny, or tender and sorta maternal, but there was always that little thrill of knowing that good, bad or indifferent, I wouldn't be forgotten.

Queen Tonya: True, you won't be forgotten, but that's not always a good thing.

I knew he was just coming out, but didn't know he was a virgin (male or female). I didn't think he could really leave his kids anyway but I sure wasn't going to be the reason he did. I tell ya, seeing a grown man break down in tears because you've just ripped out his heart, salted and vinegared it and shoved it back in is just not a nice feeling.

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