Dating an younger women

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It's good news for women, who can benefit greatly from the knowledge, connections, and occasional mentorship older men provide.And it's good news for the silver foxes in the room -- so long as you practice proper etiquette when pursuing younger ladies.

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These things happen, and sometimes it just wasn't meant to be. Maybe with some time and consideration, your last interaction can make the perfect springboard for her to jump right back into the swing of things.Don't flaunt the cash You, being the older one in the relationship, will surely be better off financially, but flaunting all the dough isn't necessarily a good thing.Dating expert Rahul D'sa feels there needs to be a balance when it comes to spending."Flaunting cash is a short-term thing.I was open about it from the time we started dating two years ago.So when it was time to propose, I didn't have to face a tough situation." If you are already dating, the generation gap might not be too much of an issue, but remember that it does exist.Says dating expert Ankit Anubhav, "When you're dating a younger girl, know that she's from a different generation. So, from the guy's perspective, the older one should give much more space and handle all the madness." Anubhav also feels that while young folks mostly look up to the older person, the latter shouldn't try and control them.

"Try to enjoy your relationship, as that's more important than anything else," he adds. In your 30s, a pub, and in your 40s, you'd rather unwind with a jazz record and a cigar.You'll leave a much better impression by simply leaving things where they are, and thanking her for her company. Remember: we love the maturity that older men bring to the table.It makes us feel more comfortable with airing out our grievances, and talking through whatever reservations we might have.For example, don't think you have to go out of your way to make your presence known. If you want to attract her attention, do normal decent-human stuff like making eye contact and smiling in a non-threatening way. Offer her a welcome departure from all that crap by being self-assured, and straightforward about your intentions. She may be new to dating older men, have her own personal reservations, or not even be aware of how old you are.No matter where you are -- a bar, the beach, the eye of a tornado -- every woman in the room is already fully aware of your presence. So play it smart -- no staring a woman down, obviously nudging your buddies, pointing, or making gross comments (ahem, note to all men! If you do want to approach her, play it polite and open. (In which case, keep doing what you're doing, it's totally working.) There's no need to make a grandiose statement here, but it's totally appropriate to ask how she feels about the age difference.Here's how to make it work without reinforcing any daddy issues.