Dating ex wifes cousin

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Dating ex wifes cousin

He returns after two weeks in the Season 10 beginning episode.When Kovač is reported killed in Africa, Carter goes back to retrieve his body at the beginning of Season 10, bringing some hospital supplies with him.

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Knight is stabbed in the throat and dies from her injuries; Carter is stabbed in the back and his kidney is damaged, leaving him with lifelong kidney problems.To his surprise, he finds Kovač still alive, but ill with malaria. They initially differ on approaches to treatment, but come to respect and end up in love with each other (see more about Kem below under "Related Characters: Romantic").He arranges for Kovač to be sent home, and he gives Kovač a "Dear Abby letter" for Abby that ends their relationship. When Kem becomes pregnant, Carter asks her to come back to Chicago with him, and introduces her to his ER colleagues.Carter is broken by his grief, yet Abby feels it is her duty to go and get her destitute brother, essentially leaving Carter alone to grieve.When the uninvited Eric behaves inappropriately at the funeral, even falling into her open grave, it marks the beginning of the end of Carter and Abby's relationship.In order for Carter to change from his surgical residency to an emergency medicine residency, he agrees to work for free (living off his family's wealth) for his first year, enabling County General to take him on despite its lack of funding for an additional position.

As a resident his confidence grows, and he often does whatever is in his power (or, sometimes, things outside of his power, much to the annoyance of his superiors) to help patients.

During Season 9, Carter begins sleeping with Abby after they were quarantined in the ER for two weeks because of the outbreak of monkeypox.

However, Abby's brother Eric is diagnosed with bipolar disorder (like their mother) and his behavior becomes erratic. Meanwhile, the health of Carter's grandmother, Millicent (Gamma), continues to decline, and his mother, Eleanor, has difficulty accepting her divorce from Carter's father, Jack.

Worse, Abby and Carter continue to disagree over whether or not Abby (a recovering alcoholic) should be drinking at all, even moderately.

These personal issues come to a head when Eric reappears the same day Gamma dies.

Because of the WGA Strike, ER was renewed for a 15th season (it was originally slated to end after Season 14), during which Wyle appeared in five episodes as part of the show's plan to bring back former regulars.