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The Lao kingdom reached its height in the late 1600s, under King Souligna Vongsa.

In 1945 the Laotian prime minister, Prince Phetsarath, declared Laos an independent kingdom and formed a group known as the Lao Issara, or "Free Lao." Some Laotians supported a return to French colonization, feeling that their country was not ready for immediate independence.

This Laotian political group became known as the Pathet Lao ("Lao Nation").

The Viet Minh defeated French troops at Dien Bien Phu in 1954.

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Located in Southeast Asia, Laos measures approximately 91,400 square miles (236,800 square kilometers), making it slightly larger than the state of Utah.

The country shares its borders with Thailand in the southwest, Cambodia in the south, Burma in the west, China in the north, and Vietnam in the east.By the mid 1800s, almost all of northern Laos was controlled by Vietnam, and almost all the southern and central parts of the country were controlled by Thailand.Only the area around Luang Prabang remained independent.In Laos, however, Buddhism is heavily influenced by the cult of phi (spirits) and Hinduism.The Laotian flag has three horizonal bands, with red stripes at the top and bottom and a blue stripe in the middle. Many Laotian Americans identify more with the pre-1975 flag of the Kingdom of Laos than with the present-day flag of the country.The Lao Issara, however, were strongly opposed to French rule in Laos.