Dating misconceptions

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Dating misconceptions - baxter dating esther fabolous

[Read: 9 social media sites to use to snag yourself a date] What online dating isn’t Unfortunately, the humble online dating site has suffered from a number of negative associations in recent years, which only serves to put some people off the idea–people who may have otherwise benefited from signing up.

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Well, yes, these people do exist, but you can usually spot them quite early on.

A lack of photos is usually the main reason for a lack of replies, but if you tick all the boxes, there is no reason why your inbox shouldn’t be full.

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This is another common misconception, or possibly wishful thinking in some cases, but many believe that online dating sites provide a direct line to a single night of fun between the sheets.

There are sites that cover this kind of thing, but most dating sites are genuinely aimed at romance and partnership.

Another misconception commonly bandied about concerning online dating sites is that you never get any responses.

You spend all that time developing your profile, uploading photos, writing essays of personal information, and the only visitor to your profile appears to be a ball of tumbleweed!

This is far better than meeting some utter mismatch in a pub or nightclub. Contrary to popular belief, online dating sites aren’t exclusively populated by serial killers, cannibals, and sociopaths.

Sure, you have to be alert to the dangers of meeting strangers as you do in any other area of life, and take the same precautions, but you definitely shouldn’t let the paranoid misconceptions of the irreparably timid hold you back. If things progress to the meeting-up stage, make sure you pass on a record of your whereabouts to a friend or family member, and otherwise enjoy the experience. Another misconception about dating sites is that half the people on them aren’t actually who they seem to be.

However, profiles are rarely truly public, and the sites in question put in a whole range of measures designed to protect personal information.

This is even the case on free sites; paid sites have a full-on Fort Knox approach to their security policies. People may tell you that if you go looking online for love, you’ll never find it.

Yet how can extended conversation carried out over weeks by online written message be any worse than a half-heard conversation in a nightclub?