Dating privatelabel rights

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They also understand how to use the perfect additional potency to ensure the potency of your probiotic to the end of its expiration date.There are very few companies that have developed the kind of expertise that our team can offer you.

This significantly extends the shelf stability of your probiotic products.Private Label Content comes in many different formats, including PLR reports, ebooks, articles, graphics, templates and even videos.While licenses differ with each author and seller, the basic premise is that the license permits buyers to re-brand the content under their own name and brand (excluding copyright).In general practice this means that the product can be modified, sold, resold or repurposed in many different formats.In some cases authorship on the original product is allowed and with unrestricted private label, buyers are often able to resell the same rights they've acquired although not all private label releases offer or permit license distribution or transfer.This kind of multiple resistance is unparalleled in the marketplace.

And there’s an added bonus, the strains are also allergen free.

The strains are cryogenically-preserved and contain very little moisture, and we keep them that way by carefully controlling the manufacturing environment with a state-of-the-art climate control system, in-process testing of water activity and moisture and strict SOPs to control the entire ecosystem.

These steps ensure that relative humidity and moisture are kept to a minimum, and are among the lowest in the industry.

And what if you didn’t need to worry about whether your probiotics meet their label claim at the end of their expiration date?

You can offer highly-stable probiotic strains that have been developed through decades of intensive scientific research.

Marketers use private label products for reselling under their own brands or in the case of written products for online marketing through channels like article directories, content syndication, ebook directories, slide-sharing websites and similar.

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