Dating religious guys

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Dating religious guys - sober dating ideas

Head lice are very common among Christian men, especially Pentecostals.Although it is a normal and natural blessing from God to have head lice, you should certainly wash your hair before your date if only for the reason to avoid the temptation of putting your arm around the young lady while lifting to scratch your head.

If you tuck instead of tie, make sure that the tip of your penis does not curl back far enough to enter the hole in your hiney where you go poopy out of - otherwise you might accidentally sodomize yourself and inadvertently become a homosexual.Bonus points if he can connect the current sermon to the previous week's topic.4. Getting up early on Sunday mornings to hear a sermon and sing for a couple of hours takes a good amount of dedication.Of course, we're referring to the guys who attend service more often than on Christmas and Easter.5. If he believes in God, there's a good chance he also believes in destiny.Some Christian phrases that will help you "woo" the lesser sex are, "I'm almost as crazy about you as I am about Jesus," "Your long hair is the glory of your humility (I Corinthians 11: 11-15)," and "God broke the mold when he made your sweet face."Make certain that there is no personal contact (PC) on this first date.Even if she has said "yes" to marriage, it is highly recommended that you refrain from even holding hands for at least two years until the courtship is over and you are whisked away on your honeymoon!He takes dating and women so seriously that he might even pray before asking you out.

If he prays often in his own time, he's probably prayed for the future love of his life — which could be you — before you even met.

Take her to your church and drop her off by the back gate with a note to the pastor taped to her forehead.

Be sure to secure her to a tree or post using chains or rope so that she won't get away during the night. The only Christian cologne available is "Betty Bowers' The Essence Of Christian Men." If you do not have any Christian cologne, rub your face in a Bible until you smell like the pages.

Click here for more detailed spiritual guidance on masturbation. For the Christian man, every date is a potential mate.

If she is the right gal, you will want to pop the question as soon as possible.

You are looking for a woman who will not squander your income or lean toward gossip.

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