Dating thai women customs

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Dating thai women customs - 100 dating service no

Thailand is a class society and the girls working in the bars are part of the lower class.Any well-educated and successful Thai man knows this also and would not think of marring a girl of this status.

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This is kind of like a job interview in front of board members.Later on in dating you will probably want to purchase a gift for her. One example when I was dating my wife before we got married I noticed she needed a good watch. Now I could of bought a very expensive one but here is what I did.I ask her which one she liked and of course she picked out a very expensive one (remember this is just a test).This breaks the ice so you can have a conversation about something you both have in common. If she is working in a restaurant order your food, or in a shop make a purchase and hang around a little while.Don't ask any personal questions at this stage just small talk.You can now ask a few small personal questions such as how many people in her family, where she is from, where she went to school etc, but not too may at this stage.

When it is time to leave give her a nice big smile and look into her eyes as you walk away. Engage again in a little small talk then ask if she would like to enjoy a meal with you at her convenience and any place she chooses. If she says no she wants to see if you will return again or just never come back.

We then looked at medium price watches and she found one she liked and made the purchase. If a Thai girl convinces you to make an expensive purchase when it is not necessary she thinks you spend way too much money.

If you make a cheap purchase she will think you are stingy.

Here is one trap most western men fall into and again this is another test.

My wife never did this but I was one step ahead of her so she didn't have to.

Thais are very thrifty when it comes to spending money, they know how to get the most for the Thai Baht and she is looking to see if you are the same.

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