Dating wing nuts

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Dating wing nuts - Anonymous dirty chat

The later Amcraft insignia are semiplastic in construction.

During the war the focus was on producing a volume of insignia to meet the nation's needs.

This is a technical discussion of the clutch type fasteners used to attach most modern metallic insignia and familiar to most collectors of 20th Century insignia.

When using fasteners to date an insignia there is a risk that someone might have previously removed the original fasteners and replaced them with ones from a different time period.

About the same time pin-back insignia also became more common.

Both of these means were commonly used on the large number of insignia produced during the First World War.

Phinney of Pawtucket, Rhode Island on May 15, 1923. Early versions of Phinney clutches are often marked "PAT. Mendler's fastener was open architecture in design and I have never encountered one being used on an insignia.

Phinney was a jeweler by occupation and originally applied for his patent on September 16, 1921. Even though Mendler received his patent earlier than Phinney, it seems Phinney was better placed to promote his invention.It seems that wing badge collectors in particular are fond of reminding others that clutch fasteners existed prior to the Second World War. However, the truth is that prior to World War Two clutch fasteners were not used on any kind of government-issued, enlisted insignia and were found on a minority of other kinds of privately purchased insignia, mostly worn by officers.The vast majority of pre-World War Two insignia still were pin-back or screw back in construction.There were a number of small screw posts with small retaining nuts that could be pushed through a fine fabric without doing much damage.The larger screw posts used during World War One left a gaping hole.The success of clutches was mostly the result of the introduction of the Ballou clutch in 1942. The invention of the Ballou clutch occurred just at the right moment.

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