Dating with children rules

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Dating with children rules

You might also develop rules about safety, manners, politeness, daily routines and respect for each other. The standards you create will be influenced by your beliefs, values, your situation and your child’s maturity and needs. But all good rules have something in common: they are specific and easy to understand.

This is part of teaching your child what you expect.

Pre-teens and teenagers get a lot of good out of being involved in making rules, because it gives them the chance to take responsibility for their own behaviour.

Choose the most important things to make rules about – for example, a rule about not physically hurting each other would be a must for most families.

Clear rules and boundaries will help to give your teenage child a sense of security and let her know where she stands.

This is especially important during adolescence, when so many other things in your child’s life are changing. At this stage, young people might push for more autonomy and independence.

For example, you might have rules for: A few clear and specific rules usually work better than a long list, especially for younger children.

As children get older and more mature, the rules can ‘grow’ along with them.

Then put the pictures up in a place everyone can see them.

If you involve children in drawing or colouring the poster, it gives you a chance to discuss the rules with them.

They can also help children and teenagers feel safe and secure.

Family rules are positive statements about how your family wants to look after and treat its members.

Rules can help everyone in your family get along better, and make family life more peaceful.

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