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She kindly showed me the love letters they exchanged after they met and other writings of his.

Well, the script is based on true events, but really getting to know my storyline, I got to meet the widow of the man I portray (he died in a plane wreck after the time that this story takes place).So, there's no exaggeration, which is kind of mind-boggling.It was really a true, deep, instant romance between those two, and I can confirm that because I've seen the letters that they exchanged right after they met.“I remember my father once told me, about acting, which he knows nothing about, to 'represent the epitome of reality.' That's how he put it.I thought that was good advice, for an actor, from a law professor.”Dermot Mulroney was born on October 31, 1963, in Alexandria, Virginia.So, I was honored to be in Alaska and doubly honored to be portraying someone who still left a lasting legacy for the military family there.

It's a hell of a story, I loved being a part of it. ) Wedding It does have some politics in it, and yet it's very family-friendly. Oh absolutely, I think really young kids would love it because there's whales in it, and my pre-teen, 12-year-old can't wait to see it!

In a quiet way between she and I, we want to dedicate my performance to Tom, who like I said, people still know about and talk about in Anchorage.

He was just one of those people who had an impact on people's lives in the community and then, of course, in the military as well.

The bulk of my filming was done at the army base which I think I heard is the largest one in the U. A lot of Anchorage is people and things that are devoted to the military.

I portray Colonel Tom Carroll (his name is Colonel Scott Boyer in the film), he's a really well-known, highly respected man and pilot in a state where they are really important.

Maybe I didn't need to hear it in words if I saw it in action.