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On the other hand, would you rather have an exotic holiday or somebody with whom to share lots of experiences?

That they have a missionary zeal goes without saying - they have to want a happy ending." Matchmakers also need skills of persuasion."'One day,' I told my stepdaughter, 'I think I'll start a dating agency, that sounds rather fun.'" So in 1986 she bought Drawing Down the Moon, where she pictured herself reclining on a chaise longue, drinking coffee and gossiping about men.But it turned out to be "damn hard work," she says.All the agencies I saw regulate the process carefully: I had to sign confidentiality agreements, show identification and wait while they ran checks.Some agencies insist that you contractually agree never to sleep with anyone on a first date.She assesses their suitability, emotional stability, relationship history and whether or not their outlook is realistic.

She spends an hour with each prospective member and often gets a sense of which other member they will get on with.Her business and management experience was essential, particularly her budgeting skills and knowledge of spreadsheets.Balfour says that agency directors need a flair for publicity and for public speaking, as well as strong computer skills.St Valentine's Day may have been and gone, but for professional matchmakers the search for true love is a day-to-day concern.And while there are plenty of cowboy dating agencies out there, a reputable company can offer a job that is immensely varied and rewarding."I didn't set out to be a matchmaker but I find myself endlessly fascinated by who walks in the door and their take on the world and on love," says Kate Kennedy, senior consultant and matchmaker at Drawing Down the Moon.If someone doesn't come to mind, then she goes through the photos and profiles on file, as well as holding mini conferences with colleagues.

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