Ezgi asaroglu family

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Ezgi asaroglu family

Tugba Melis (born September 7, 1990, Sofia) - actress and model.At 21, won the national contest "Best Model of Turkey - 2011." Took second place in the competition "Best Model of the World".

Birce Akalay (born June 19, 1984, Istanbul, Turkey) - Turkish actress.

Her movies: "School", "Son of man who saved the world", "Stay on your feet", "Romantic Comedy" series: "Hürrem Sultan", "Selena", "Little Secrets."37.

Saadet Isıl Aksoy (born August 29, 1983, Istanbul, Turkey) - turkish actress.

", which won awards at film festivals around the world.

Her real film career began in 2008, the tragicomic drama about refugees "For a Moment, Freedom" ("At the moment, freedom"), who became the winner of independent film.

In the TV series, which starred Ezgi were quite successful and popular with the viewers.

In 2005, she appeared in a short film, "What I enjoy doing in the mountains?Turkish TV series "The Magnificent Century" brought her fame in the world.Other movies with her participation: "Eggs", "Beautiful Life", "Milk", "Eastern Plays", "Love in other languages."36.Nur has gained popularity in the acclaimed series "The Edge of Love," in which she played the role Peyker.She later starred in the movie "Valley of the Wolves: Palestine"." in 1981.In school, Pelin showed great musical and dramatic talent. Film debut - Circassian concubine Brown in the film by Italian director Ferzan Otspeteka Turkish origin "The Last Harem / Harem Suare".