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House, barn, shop, tool shed, cellar, well house.were full.

Carla and I agreed to split some of the moving responsibilities, I would finish cleaning out the ranch house, and other buildings, she would stay at the lake house and unpack, putting things where she wanted them.

At sixty-three, I was much more active than many of my friends, who were younger than myself.

My wife was still in good health, also, and our sex life was okay.

” “Yes, it’s nice,” she sighed, “I just wish I could enjoy it as much as I used to.

But I’m happy you can still get so much enjoyment.” Needless to say, every time she made a comment like that, it made me feel like a user.

Once, I talked her into watching them from the bed of the pickup, where she bent over the back of the cab, while I fucked her, ‘stallion style’.

“Not bad, for old folks,” I told her, as the last drops of my cum dripped onto the steel floor, “Isn’t it nice to be able to do this shit out here in the open, without any neighbors for a mile or more?

By the time we hit the bedroom door, we were both naked.

(I was thankful we’d bought new furniture for the lake house, so we still had a bed there) I kissed my way from her lips to her pussy, which had the fullest bush I, personally, had ever seen. My cock throbbed at the feel of her mouth sliding up and down its’ length.

” I waited for her to call a second time, before I answered, “Sure, but it’ll cost you.” I opened the bathroom door, walked to her, and slowly unwrapped the roll.

As she sat and watched, she said, “I suppose we’re gonna fuck, now?

Sure enough, the little girl was blonde, small, and had many facial features of the cousin.