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This settlement formed the nucleus of the modern city.There are other smaller rivers and channels in the region such as Guntur Channel, Chandravanka, Naagileru, Guntur Branch Canal The braided stream channels, broad floodplain, and extensive sandbars suggest that this part of the Krishna River flows through relatively flat terrain and carries a substantial amount of sediment, especially during the monsoon season." Image Website of NASA of the Guntur City and District/Region of India.With the ocean on the top portion of the image, the actual location of the city is on the bottom right side portion of the image.The 'Nagas' were said to have ruled the region at that time.The region has been historically known for Buddhism and the first Kalachakra ceremony performed by Gautama Buddha himself.Pretty naked Asian girls filmed and supervised during some truly hot and exclusive XXX films.

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The Nizams and Hyder Ali also ruled the city until it came under British rule in 1788.

It was made the headquarters of a district named after it that was abolished in 1859, only to be reconstituted in 1904.

It also has its appearance in another two inscriptions dated 1147 AD and 1158 AD.

The inscriptions stones in the Agastyeshwara temple in 'Naga Lipi' (an ancient script) dates back to about 1100 CE.

Clockwise from Top Left: Guntur Municipal Corporation, Major residential buildings, Guntur Medical College, ISKON Temple, Chuttugunta center, A park with pond in Gujjanagundla, Viswa Mandir, Railway Station, One-town center.