Guy ritchie dating anyone

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Guy ritchie dating anyone

” We got goosebumps talking about it.’ Still, after the initial cockiness, she says, ‘I realised, “He’s fascinating — there’s so much more.” ’ Guy started sending texts asking, ‘Are you still with the Frog?’ Months later, both single, they finally went on their first date, by which point they had been emailing and texting ‘30 to 40 times a day’.

But Guy is pretty amazing on the guitar.’ At Christmas they had a singalong with the kids and a friend came round with a mandolin and someone else was on the ukelele: ‘And my nan was here, singing all the old songs.’ Jacqui’s own childhood was far more modest — parents Bob and Janet, both secondary school English teachers, raised their family in a small semi — and she says she doesn’t want her kids to lose their ‘hunger’ in life by having wealth.Upgrade any one of the browsers below and it will make your internet life better - not just on Ranker, but everywhere!Looking back, I don’t know how I thought my meeting with Jacqui Ainsley, the model who recently became the new Mrs Guy Ritchie, would go.There is even a huge photo of Lourdes, Guy’s former stepdaughter, on the wall. Who is this woman and how has she managed to produce three babies and a wedding in four years, like some kind of Richard Curtis film?Before all this, she dated the runner-up Darius for two years, living with him in Fulham, and did various commercial campaigns, including playing the silhouetted woman who dances through Madonna’s song ‘Die Another Day’ in the opening credits of the James Bond film.It’s the first time in my life I’d drunk before work, I’m always very professional. Jacqui wanted the kids to have something in common.

And he rang me at work and said, “You are coming back tonight, aren’t you? As for her stepsons, she says, ‘You know, David’s a dream-boat, and so’s Rocco — they’re both fabulous human beings. Guy’s divorce was two years before I even arrived on the scene, so I think I came in at the right time of their lives, very lovely ages — Rocco must have been eight and David four.A character from could come through on horseback and nobody would bat an eyelid before handing him a drink.‘I am never, ever in a hurry to leave this place and get back to f***ing London,’ says Guy, and his wife agrees — though they spend most of their time at their townhouse in Marylebone. ‘Guy recently asked David if he could remember a time before me, and he said he couldn’t,’ she says.” And I said, “I’m exhausted, hungover and I haven’t got all my stuff.” He goes, “OK, you can get your stuff, just bring it here.” So that was it. And the miniature three, the pickles [she means her own kids], they really benefit from being around their big brothers.We love to have them as much as possible, the house seems so quiet after they go.But it was the first thing I ever said to Guy and we remembered it before the wedding.

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