Insufficient base table information for updating or refreshing

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Insufficient base table information for updating or refreshing

The events that this code sends appear to be adequate but your mileage may vary...One method of investigating these events is to watch the sequence of events fired by the client cursor engine when client side cursor updates are applied to a recordset.

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Please note that the has a horrible hard coded limit of 256 bytes of data per column.

Normally selecting either client or server side cursors is a simple choice between network traffic and local storage.

Server side cursors are physically located with the data and in the case of most OLE DB providers that's probably on the far end of a network connection to your database server.

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The problem with using the CCE with our rowset is that the data is already all on the client side, so the caching just duplicates data and takes up twice the storage that we'd usually require...

Supporting updating from our rowset is relatively easy if if we're using server side cursors, however if we select client side cursors then things are more complex.

With our rowset that's used to access our data object our server side is inside our data object...

Selecting client side cursors causes OLE DB to insert the Client Cursor Engine between your rowset and consumers, this is an OLE DB service component that adds functionality (client side data caching) that you don't supply yourself.

Failure to mark the column data as writable by adding this flag prevents client side cursor updates from working at all...

(and yes, it took me ages to find out why they were failing in code that had previously worked fine!

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