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Someone could probably rank here and maybe even make $100 a month. The first 5 or 6 results all have a very high Page Authority. Perhaps you could rank near the bottom, but it only gets 1900 searches per month, so its probably not worth it.Also a note about when you see a Page Authority of 1 in Long Tail Pro.

I would prefer to see other affiliate sites or niche sites ranking to let me know Google is willing to rank these weaker types of sites. Although its hard to say where you would rank; because the first few sites are ecommerce related, Google still seems to be giving some preference there.We’ll talk about all this in the call, but here are a few of most important things I learned doing this assignment: Perrin found these keywords, and listed all the stats for each along with his “Other notes”. I went through and color coded the keywords to let you quickly know if I found it a low competition keyword or not.Here’s is the color coding key: You have the right idea as far as low competition goes.If you can find a keyword that has only very weak sites like small affiliate sites or forums ranking in the top 10, you’ve found a winner. But really, of the 10 keywords I found, about 7-8 weren’t going to work at all.In this post today, you will first find Perrin’s recap of the week. This week’s assignment was quite a bit tougher than last week’s. In case you don’t remember, this week was the start of the actual keyword research. Of the usable ones, only one looked to be worth pursuing.I used this feature to include words like “best” and “reviews” to weed out some of the more e-commerce-y keywords and find results with weaker competition.

So, for example, if my keyword was “typewriter,” I might get results like “best typewriter cases” or “best typewriter ink ribbons.” So what did I learn?

I then shared my feedback on whether or not it was a good keyword.

This is a huge learning process, and going through this process actually taught me a few things!

The downside is that its only gets searched for 1600 times/mth.

As a result, we would probably want to be in the top 3 spots; but the first 2 are very difficult. This one might be doable as well, but I’m not real excited about it.

This simply means that a Page Authority has not been assigned yet by – not necessarily that it’s a weak page.