Joo ji hoon christian

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Joo ji hoon christian

There is something about him that is beyond beautiful, he is quite simply captivating!He can act in the comedy or a thriller, it doesn't matter he pulls it off. I'm not in love with him, but if i would know him in person ofc i would.... You're showing much more improvement since you had done your military service. I've just completed the 30 episode Five Fingers and I think I am going on to the next 2... You were always so serious and sad in Five Fingers, I almost wanted to take over your mother's place to hug you. Please make more movies and always stay strong and healthy. I hope that you will have another movie project with the Princess Hours cast... Your fan , Cez Im still hoping & waiting for ju ji hoon and yoon eun hye to be together in 1 project again. and every time i finish it i feel bad because there is no princess hours 2.. and everytime I finish it watching I always feel bad that there is no princess hours2 that continues shin goon and shin cheagyung love story... The sketch is attractive, your authored material stylish. I keep checking back to see what will be his upcoming work. And you're my image projection of my mysterious crush on, i only see his eyes which is much alike to yours. It was his handsome prince like character in princess hours/goong that first makes my heart flutter.

I was this twenty year old girl who see him so perfectly and follow his work. As for YEH, she is a fashion plate in her photoshoots, but Mirae looked dowdy :-( All of the comments that I read this evening is to have the pricess hours part 2, to get married to YOON EUN HYE than to other girls it is true that you and YOON EUN HYE is so beautiful to see that you are so sweet to each other and to get married to each other even you cannot have to make a part two of PRINCESS HOURS you can make another one korean of coures you and YOON EUN HYE must youre partner even it is a comedy but I really really want a romantic korean drama and I hope that you and YOON EUN HYE get married in the real life soon because you and YOON EUN HYE is a perfect couple to each other what I says hear at my comment is true. really the koreans need to give him another chance this is 21st century, while drugs are unacceptable, every star/celebrity has done their stint in it he is too good and he did his time and paid his dues forgive and bring him back I've read about his problem, but I also think that imprisonent could destroy him AS HE ISNT AN ORDINARY MAN.

I can't wait to see them together again and I hope in real life too :) I hope you and yoon eun hye can be together again in same movie, i love watching princess hours. I have been reading some of the comments from sites that support you both Ju Ji Hoon and Yoon Eun Hye and everyone HOPES and PRAYS you make another TV drama. I bet it will be another hit around Asia if you make another project. Just completed Medical Top Team, and while the storyline wasn't long enough to satisfy this viewer, I know that had absolutely nothing to do with the cast. Always' I was truly impressed to see you in "medical top team". I was surprised about ur imprisonment :( i felt sad.. Five Fingers is a must to watch to see his performance. I don't care what happen in the past, since present is present. He just caused himself damage JOO JI HOON DON'T GIVE UP, WE LOVE YOU! He portrayed Oh Seung Ha with exquisitely controlled rage, pain and loss. no wonder,i always feel weird y i can't find you anywhere at k-channel.. A lot of fans are waiting for you here in Canada All the best! I truly loved and I hope to see you in a drama again. sincerely, Marisol We love Joo Ji Hoon every day more more. For example: best drama goong 2005 was (Princess Houser) gerat perfect actor: Ju ji Hoon and Director... We love JU ji Hoon and Park si Hoo Hello, Ju jihoo. Korea should be proud that you best Actor and Model. he is very attaractive and wondeful lovely and people waiten till he Comes back Soon.

Please do have a season 2 comeback of both of you!!! I really hope you will both star on a TV drama soon... I was really surprised by the emotion you delivered in Medical Top mother passed, I thought it was someone in my family the way you cried. I felt sincerely sorrowful for the character Chief Han because he couldn't really connect with his mother but he loved her, and he had absolutely no relationship with his father a/k/a The Chairman (who was a bit of a perverted lunatic, opinion only! I just wished the story was developed more because there was something there with the Vice-President, all the secrets, all of the backstabbers in the mix...needed more time to play out. Youre surely versatile enough to play either a pianist in "five fingers" or a physician in "medical top team". Actually, im just finished watchng princess hours now for the third time... Wish you and hye become a real life couple :))))) saranghamnida oppa! Drooled at his hotness in Naked Kitchen and cried buckets with him in Five Fingers. Love how you develop the character from simplistic to profound. Not a Goong fan so I didn't expect much from his role in The Devil. At first, the character seemed wooden and stiff; as the series progresses, Joo Ji Hoon's facial expressions (never exagerrated) register his unraveling. now i know what hppn 2 u ji hoon~ despite what hppn 2 u,i still really2 like ur acting in goong.. I know that I do not know you in person but I truly love your acting. JU Ji Hoon is very Handsome, Attractive man, Personable and very Amazing. Now The Princess,man 2011 OH is the best Koreans drama with ( PSH) and Director: Kim Jeong-min. But only the love scenes,s is too low.(Romeo & Juliet). You are very very Lovely, Handsome, Attractive, Personable and Exceptional character. you deserve to have more chance to show your talent.

) I do like the relationship you developed with Prof. Anyways, now that the drama is over I do hope that you will be in something else very soon and that has a lot more time on television...luck to you in your career and life. I basically, am not interested giving comments to any body but my heart says I must do for Ju Ji Hoon; he's a good actor I'm sure of it, as I watch the princes hours.. I probably 'am sure too that deep in his heart what you see in him is what he is and that is he has a good heart but cannot express openly. I would like him to be a successful actor and a very-very good person(God fearing & down to earth). I've watched hundreds of movies about princes but this is my first Korean prince and I believe it after crowdn Prince Shin all other princes are just dust in the wind. I have yet to watch Mawang and your future sramas and movies but after what ive seen in Five Fingers, i can say that Jihoon-ssi has grown into one of the finest actor around. I'm so sorry you had many hardships in your life but I'm really looking forward to your new projects. Oppa, first I saw you in the "Goong" then I watched the "Antique Bakery" and you left me speechless. I was so sad that you had all those hardships on your way. After Antique, I enjoy Naked Kitchen and tv dramas such as: Princess Hour, The Devil and Five Fingers. It was a surprise the see you in a comedy character. when u released already,hope u can make a great comeback wth great drama!!! All People in Asia & Europa really love Ju Ji Hoon. We watch meny Koreansdrama,but we,re searching for see you. OMG, I can't wait to see your adorable acting (again), your killing smile....awawaw!!!!

Being a model must have helped a lot in the composition of this character, not only for beauty but mainly by extremely natural elegance and refinement that Ji Hoon lends to the character. I deeply loved him at Naked Kitchen, the best scene of seduction I have seen in my whole life. Good luck for you that mbc finally had lifting ban on you. I literally cried buckets and felt a heaviness in my chest whenever i see him cry in that drama. Oppa, first I saw you in "Goong" then I watched the "Antique Bakery". We have a bag please, You com a time in the interview. believe that you'll come back to us with fantastic dramas and movies ... a fan that will support you always hi, ju ji hoon We love you so are very attractive man.

Joo Ji Hoon is best known for his roles in “Five Fingers” (2012), “Medical Top Team” (2013) and “Mask” (2015).

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Love u oppa i just finished 'Mask' today and I did not recognized him at first.. More power to you Joo Ji Hoon and I wish you health, wealth and wisdom in life.

I just cannot stop, one episode after another and tell myself, after i finished, I'll watch it all over agan... I hope you and all the cast had as much fun filming it as we are watching it. I admire and love that he learned from his past and can see how he would go far because he is wiser.

i always watch princess hour every year and every time i finish the series. so i am hoping that the maker, the producer, the director and all that hey can read this and the support of all who love princess hours ... with the same casting especially ju ji hoon and yoon eun hye for the role of shin goon and shin chaegyung they both really fit for the role... at least now they are mature for the role that they will be having a baby after the wedding ceremony. i`ll watch your movie princess hour its so amazing and im your no. I hope that he will have more dramas; being with yoon eun-hye would also be very good and is much requested by the public. Now 2014, I recently watched the medical top team and oh boy he really can act. He is one of the few who got hotter and hotter as time goes by. There a lot of handsome korean actor out there but he is only the one that oozes sexiness that is kinda addicting . i love the way you hold yourself, seems so firm and easy confidence. a great drama indeed I was really dissappointed when I found out about the whole drugs story, but I still love Ji Hoon.

im really one of your admirer from the Philippines i really like Princess hour a lot,a day without princess hour is consider to be a very boring day.i hope you and janelle will do another Princess to say Princess hour will end soon:-( I'm a no. He took my heart away in medical top tea He is my biggest crush way back 7 years ago. I just watched him in Naked Kitchen (it's been a while since I watched him in Princess Hours), and he is so daaaamn fine in Naked Kitchen. I am heartbroken to hear he had drugs :( jihun oppa! He's an amazing actor, Antique Chef is one of my favourite movies.

Now I always dream meet Ji Hoon behind a fencing or something like that. I can't wait to see you in white coat and also cant wait to watch your two films yet to be released. With that, i can proudly say to anyone that ive become a huge fan. We wish the best time for you Thanks all Asia, Europa, America, Australia People Dear Ju ji Hoon, We love you sooooooooooooooooo much. We really hope you can make a comeback and we support you so much. Ju ji Hoo and Park Shi Hoo are,nt the best Actor in Asia, Europa & America Hey Ji hoon oppa , you are the reason why i love Korean drama ... we wacht only deram of your and park shi hoo and Park kwang hyun.

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