Kaspersky slow updating

08-Nov-2016 08:05 by 5 Comments

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Do you know that an antivirus uses system resources the most during the scanning process?

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That's why I think it's wise to start scanning when you're away, then pause when you're going to work and re-start later. When you use it to the fullest without having proper hardware configuration may lead to slowing down the PC.So here you are going to read some remedies on doing which your computer will work as fast as it used to be.Many Kaspersky users complain about the bad effect of the software on system performance.They say it is the antivirus’s fault that makes their system slow.If you do not do it, then most probably your computer will work much slower and any applications you double-click will appear after waiting for an hour.

And when you will click for three application at a time, everything in your computer will become pale and possess (Not Responding) message in the title.

Follow the procedure given below to enable both the features. Clicking on the Performance tab will lead you to the Battery Saving and Gaming Profile screen.

If you are sure about the slowdown process of your computer, you can enable both the features to power up the performance.

Many of my friends complain about this amazing product like a slow-downer machine.

If you are a new Kaspersky consumer or going to purchase it very soon, then first learn about how to control this heavy software and whether you've the necessary hardware requirements installed or not.

If KAV had not yet been successful in starting an actual download, I could cancel the update from the menu, but if it had started an update my internet activity was doomed until it finished or "gave up", by whatever criteria it uses to do so. I am currently on a slow line while I wait for my new ISP to get my ADSL done. I could watch this from Outpost Pro's "Network Activity" window.