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The software is very customizable in terms of layout.Another plus is that the Libronix engine is constantly being upgraded (now at version 3.0), adding new features and speed.

His prices seem less than others I found on the net.

I know no Greek or Hebrew (although I did take two years of latin in high school).

I looked again at the competing software in this price range and they were perhaps better at getting to the greek and Hebrew than Logos might be, they lacked the "add on" ability that Logos has. I can read the bible in one window and (at least in the NAB bible) highlight the footnotes and jump to references as I read and return easily.

Moreover, he seemed to be a sincere, and helpful individual.

If you are considering purchasing a Bible CD-ROM, I suggest you look at the packages mentioned here, check out the links and look at the Bible and Theology site.

In May 2008 Steve Ray, a fellow parishioner of Peters, took over the business.

They still offer the same great service and if you need help over the phone, just e-mail them your phone number and Cindy will call to answer any questions.Currently Bible and Theology Discount Software will match anyone's advertised price (taking shipping into account), and will give you an additional 3% discount.What Bible software package you want largely depends upon what you want the software to do for you.This review is not comprehensive, and I have only had "hands on" with two software packages (logos/libronix and Welcome to the Catholic Church). Many of the packages I bought then are no longer available ... Back in 1998 I considered 3 software packages under 0, there are many more expensive and expansive programs available above this price line.I was steered towards the "Welcome to the Catholic Church 2.0" after talking to Peter Williamson at: Bible and Theology Discount Software 2037 Hunters Creek Ypsilanti, MI 48198 Peter was extremely helpful in finding out what I wanted out of a bible CD.All these collections use the powerful Libronix software, you will find it has a great search engine, and if you like the software you can upgrade by adding one of the many Libronix Collections, The Anchor Bible Library, Early Church Fathers or whatever you wish.