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Local sex girls com

Now a lawsuit brought by a 14-year-old girl in Philadelphia and her lawyer aims to change that.She is suing a motel widely known as the “local epicenter of human trafficking” for knowingly renting rooms to men who forced teenage girls to have sex.

Several people have been convicted over the last few years on charges of using the motel for prostitution, Assistant District Attorney Erin O’Brien told the Inquirer.

Another reviewer said: “No security at all, these girls are letting their jons in through side doors that are UN-LOCKED.

The smell of marijuana through out the place is disgusting,” and added that the “working girls” and their pimps “run a muck half naked through the hallways.” A different guest said: “Do not bring your kids here please.” In March 2014, security footage from the Roosevelt Inn circulated on You Tube showing a dramatic gunfight in the motel.

The staff at the motel — which prosecutors have called the “local epicenter of human trafficking” — knew or had “constructive knowledge” that the girl was being sexually exploited, according to the lawsuit, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

Her traffickers lured customers to the motel through Internet advertisements, had men call a number to negotiate a price for sex, then had the men go to the motel’s front desk.

“It’s open and obvious, it’s about as obvious as it gets.” The way the girl got roped into trafficking is a familiar story.

After a falling out with her parents, she left home and moved from place to place.

The hotel’s manager, Yagna Patel, 72, told the Philadelphia Inquirer on Friday he had not seen the lawsuit and was not aware of any minors allegedly being victimized in the motel.

“We just rent the room and that’s all we can do,” he said.

Though the girl’s abusers have already been convicted and sent to prison, her family and lawyers now hope to hold the motel owner responsible for “allowing this to happen,” Bezar said.

The girl’s lawyers declined to identify her abusers, saying they feared exposing her to retaliation.

An employee would then direct them to the room where the girl was forced to work as a prostitute.

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