Ludmila kolesnikova dating

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Ludmila kolesnikova dating

“We have guards when we go to the movies,” Katya told journalists Nataliya Gevorkyan, Natalya Timakova and Andrei Kolesnikov, who interviewed the family at their dacha.“There’s a guy who sits there watching the movie, but I think he’s guarding us at the same time,” said Katya. Even when we go somewhere with our friends, they stay nearby, but they try not to get in the way.We’ve called them over to drink coffee with us a thousand times, but they don’t want to.”Lyudmila says she “cried for a whole day” when she heard the news of her husband’s appointment, “because I realized that our private life was over.” Already, the girls saw their father “more often on television than at home.

“He is very sensitive, and I promised him not to expose very much about his family,” Seipel said after the film’s premiere.

The Kremlin’s revenge was swift: Urin’s business was dismantled and Urin jailed for fraud.

Masha and Faassen couple left Russia soon after and began living a quiet life in Voorschoten, Netherlands, a suburb of The Hague.

But the couple were long gone—if they were ever really there at all.

The veil of secrecy that surrounds the Putins is rigorously enforced by the Kremlin.

But he always goes in to see them, no matter what time he gets home,” Lyudmila said. Not all men treat their girls as lovingly as he does. I’m the one who has to discipline them.” The journalists asked if the girls could wrap Papa around their little fingers.

“Nobody can wrap Papa around their little finger” was Lyudmila’s reply.No confirmed photographs exist of Putin’s two daughters, 29-year-old Maria, nicknamed Masha, and 28-year-old Ekaterina, known as Katya, as adults.The girls attended a university in Russia under false names; even their classmates were unaware of their real identity.Masha, born in Leningrad in April 1985, was named after Putin’s mother.Katya was born in August 1986 in Dresden, Germany, where her father was on assignment for the KGB.One explanation for why Putin is so fanatically protective of his daughters is that he spent much of his early career in the courts of two wildly dysfunctional political families—that of his first post-KGB boss, St.

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    It has the 12th largest economy in the world yet still has the largest concentration of poor people anywhere.