Megan gale dating

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In 2012, the comedy duo created a second Gap Year season, titled Hamish and Andy's: Euro Gap Year, in which the two travelled throughout Europe leading up to the 2012 London Olympic Games.In 2013, they continued the Gap Year series, creating a third season titled, Hamish and Andy's: Asia Gap Year.

The CD was re-discovered in 2005/2006 after an "alert listener" informed Blake, and teased Lee about it on their radio show.She is of Italian descent, which explains her dark features and exotic look.Follow news, share..Breaking news: Megan Gale has been cast as Wonder Woman! She first captured popularity in Italy, and then solidified her status in native Australia.Read Full Story"Yes, we've been hanging out together as we've known each other for ages,'' Gale admits."He's great and a lot of fun and we really enjoy each other.'' -- Megan Gale quote about new boyfriend Andy Lee Read Full Story"I spent my 20s travelling back and forward to Italy, so now I want to spend some time on me, doing things and being with people I want to be with.'' -- Megan Gale Quote Sounds like Aussie supermodel Megan Lee is off the market.He is also a founding member of Coolboys and the Frontman, a Rock-Insult band.

Along with his comedic partner, Hamish Blake and radio show, sound producer, Jack Post.The half-Italian, half-English model has been dating comedian Andy Lee for several years. Gale would portray Wonder Woman in a big-screen adaptation of the Justice League of America, but the project has not yet panned out.Some of the latest pictures of Megan Gale: Also on Zimbio: 100 Hottest...Lee was also a founding member of Melbourne band Zoophyte, along with his brother Cameron.He had to retire from the band due to other commitments, but occasionally appears as a guest at some gigs.On , Andy and Hamish appeared on the TV show Good News Week.