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I also carried the absurdity just a little too far. It is about Aunt's and their Nephews, as well as Mother's and Son's.

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He welcomed us to come back any time, and clear out as many as we possibly could.============================= This little tale is an homage to some of the most popular stories on Literotica.Nakd Salr's "Mom Takes a Ride" (1 & 2), and by Retired04's "Sitting On My Son's Lap", are both slightly absurd, fun and erotic situations, with a Mom going for an extended ride sitting on her son's lap, with others in the car.It was my first time hunting hogs, and Colin's first time hunting, period. If you've never gone wild pig hunting, there's no way I could do it justice in a few paragraphs, never mind an entire novel. Nothing like killing critters, especially big mean ones that could tear you open in seconds, to get a man's testosterone and adrenaline pumping. We'd filled two large coolers to the brim, and still left most of the meat with the property owner.We'd had him practicing out back on the property, chewing our way through a mess of ammunition. I swear, after one particular episode I could practically feel my voice deepening, my chest hair growing, and my dick swinging free, half-way to my knee. The farmer was pleased as could be with our results.Things take a turn for the creepy when she starts to hum Ahmad’s mother’s lullaby. Propelled by this guilt, he returns to court and begins a long game to gain Kublai Khan’s trust and to bring him down.

Ahmad’s story has a distinctly Oedipal flavor, but it’s even more disturbing than that famous Greek tragedy because he decided to strangle his mother. In that same episode, we get to see that present-day Ahmad likes it when Mei Lin ties him up and then takes him from behind with a strap on.

Aunt Marie welcomed any opportunity for him to hang out with other men. You can't blame her, he's pretty good as Dad's go, if a little ultra-conservative on occasion.

In the end they let us 'he-men' go with their blessings, insisting that we prove ourselves as 'providers' and bring home the bacon. In the mean time they'd keep the cave clean, and work on polishing off some of the fermented brew.

A few beautiful women were offered to him, but he had an instant connection to a beguiling beauty whose skin tone matched his own.

The two have a sexy, hot, passionate encounter and when he wakes, it’s confirmed that they come from the same tribe.

It turns out this was true — until Ahmad found out what happened to his mother.

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