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Seven months before his airport arrest, Silva was accused of providing alcohol to minors, playing a game of strip poker and filming the game.He was charged in August with a felony of secretly recording confidential communications without consent, along with three misdemeanor charges: contributing to the delinquency of a minor, providing alcohol to people under 21 and child endangerment.

“I can specify that I want to find a person within a two-block radius, and if I’m at a club in New York City, the app will be able to discover people in the vicinity that match my preferences.” The Android-based Face Date is currently in the prototype phase on Moitree, a middleware for cloud-assisted mobile distributed apps, and geared toward 18 and 30 year olds.

Anthony Silva — the eccentric former mayor of Stockton, Calif., once accused of playing strip poker with teenagers — is facing a slew of new charges alleging that he stole hundreds of thousands of dollars meant to help poor children.

Prosecutors say Silva funneled money from the now-defunct Stockton Boys and Girls Club’s bank accounts and used the organization’s credit card to pay for personal expenses — including trips to the Philippines and South Lake Tahoe, retail purchases, Motel 6 charges and recurring monthly payments for a dating website called

Borcea jokes that his students really created the app because they want to date around campus.

And in the process, the young techies have also nudged the needle forward when it comes to the way people use technology to establish romantic relationships.

And the face recognition tasks can run on your smartphone or be offloaded to the cloud.

“Face Date doesn’t require manual input from the user during the matchmaking process, like many of the popular dating apps,” says Borcea.“But the application could work for anybody on the market,” assures Borcea.The app developers applied for a patent in 2016, and plan to roll out the first phase of Face Date exclusively to NJIT students in the coming months, with the hope of securing funding for further development and implementation on i OS.“The app communicates interest on its own, automatically determining if two users satisfy each others facial preferences and instantly informs them.” This novel feature simplifies user interaction and maintains user privacy—all while suggesting a location-based, mutual match in real time.Successful matches appear on the “results screen.” And if you’d like to chat with the match, simply touch the photo and the “chat with match screen” will appear.“This was money and resources for them, who needed it, and it was taken, stolen and misused.” [Mayor of Stockton, Calif., arrested on allegations of playing strip poker with teens and secretly recording it] Silva and his attorneys have denied the accusations. There’s never been a complaint that I know of of any wrongdoing by anybody on the board,” Doug Srulowitz, lawyer for the Stockton Kids Club, told reporters.

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