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06-Jul-2014 18:52 by 3 Comments

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I say I haven’t been getting any interaction but actually I have, unfortunately the unwanted kind.

The process of submitting a complaint or scam report is quick and easy. The number the call comes in on is 313-214-2018 so that ...

We are finally through week four, after some hard graft and many emails sent forth into the dating wilderness.

So far not a great deal has happened on the dating scene.

I do have a backup plan should this quiet period last too long, and that is a picture of Perry, no one can resist his adorable little face.

I can’t post a picture of Perry here just yet as I don’t have one, and poor Perry needs to settle in to his new home before I start using him as a dating bait.

I have had a few messages but nothing to write home about and none have led on to any dates yet, but as the nights draw in and the weather cools we might get a few more profiles added and my chances of meeting someone could increase.

The current email chain has gone quiet but it might have just been a busy day for the both of us.

Well I will now have to put plan C into action, as to what this plan is I have no idea yet, obviously if any of you lovely followers have a plan then please add it to the comments, and I will see if we can come up with some community dating challenges section.

There has been no emails, likes or even views of my profile today, and I was sure the pictures of the owls would have done something even if it was only to look at the birds.

At the cinema however, don’t supply your date with drinks, instead put your arm around them making sure to hold their shoulder, this will greatly comfort them.

End of date: Don’t let your date leave alone, instead insist you take them home, don’t take no for an answer, this is their way of testing your sincerity, and shows that you care greatly about their safety.

Second impressions: Get your date something nice, if you are in a public establishment get them a drink and some cheese and onion crisps, this never fails.