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But her dude has a deep secret: he isn’t in college, HE'S IN JAIL!You may think that whatever he did couldn’t have been that bad since he still has internet access, but you’d be wrong. Also, the prison doesn’t seem to be that good at being a prison.

Meanwhile, Cami’s mom Tori is struggling to reconnect with her amid the hormonal monsoon of her teenaged years.We’ve watched about 3 billion of these goddamned films together, so I shall summarize the next 4 hours of it as follows: WTF, grounded forever. On the more interesting side of the story, Jake’s cellmate Dawayne makes bail and comes to stay with the worlds tiniest apartment-based crime syndicate.They don’t have much manpower, but those kids are scrappy!Obviously, when you are dating someone online, you print their profile off and carry it with you like a lock of hair from your civil war beau.Printoffs of dating profiles from a website that sounds like an email service for seniors?As always, Lifetime has their thumb on the pulse of teenupsmanship.

Cami seems to have struck gold with her inter-dude Jake: he’s hot, good at writing lame kissy-kissy emails, and an achiever at some college somewhere.They agree to meet up at a local coffeeshop, and off we go on a whirlwind of romance!I don’t know if you've ever been on a date with someone you met on the internet, butno matter what you two lovebirds are bringing to the table, it's gonna be awkward as shit.This experimental film provides an emotional roller coaster experience that was musically and visually designed based on a neuroscience research project that correlates a mathematical parameter (fractal dimension) of sounds and images with the selective triggering of emotional create a unique visual and audio experience of time perceptions and emotional dimensions.And that’s if you aren’t lying about your criminal background.