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Long recognized for his ability to bring emotion and conviction to his films, Hallstrom truly captures this dog's-eye view of life.The leisurely pace and the gracefully portrayed passage of time and the dog's maturation combine with the beautiful settings and natural performances to make this a memorable film.

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heartbreaking and likely to upset most kids and parents.

This is where music professor Parker Wilson (Richard Gere, in a sincere and nuanced performance) finds Hachi, . As loyal and devoted as Parker is, Hachi's commitment to Parker is as steadfast and beautiful.

Parker's wife, Cate (Joan Allen) though reticent at first, begins her own relationship with Hachi, as does the Wilson's grown daughter.

We kept waiting for an uplifting shift in tone and content but it never came in any significant way.

After his beloved owner (Richard Gere) dies, the dog Hachi is grief-stricken and for the rest of his life waits at the train station for the master who will never return. In the end Hachi is elderly and still waiting at the train station for his owner, and then he, too, eventually dies, resulting in more sobs from my daughter. I'm also surprised the Common Sense Media reviewer thought it is appropriate for children as young as 6.

One day, Glory turns up at Dobie's house, explaining that Frank is giving her to him for one week as a gift.

Initially Dobie wants nothing to do with Glory, but as the week goes on, he realizes he is becoming intensely attracted to her.

The story of the real Hachi in 1930s Japan has been relocated by director Lasse Hallstrom to the United States in the 21st century.

That keeps the story relatable for modern, English-speaking audiences.

John Mc Naughton directed this Richard Price-scripted comedy about a cop who learns to love an unwanted gift from a gangster.

Robert De Niro plays Wayne Dobie, a shy and reclusive Chicago cop who has never fired a gun.

Frank is impressed by the way Dobie handled the holdup and wants to pay him back for saving his life.