Sedating house cats for travel

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Sedating house cats for travel - papua new guinea girls dating

I didn't ask him why, but I suspect he may be concerned about some kind of bad reaction to the medication while on the trip and not having immediate care.

(I've found that dry-clean-only clothes in a contrasting color to your cat hair are the best cat magnets ever.) If she thinks it's all her idea, she'll go along with it a lot better.I don't know that I would offer them food and water quite that often.Actually, I don't know that I'd offer them food and water at all while you're driving.If you've got pukers, you might also speak to your vet about getting them an anti-emetic.Some of them have sedative side effects, which is especially nice for a nervous kitty who alternates between yowling and puking.What do you recommend in the way of a tranquilizer or other calming medication for cats who will be travelling by car for 16 hours? Getting my one 9-year-old female cat into a carrier just to take her to the vet is a nightmare.

My vet has been giving me a tranquilizer to calm her simply to get her into the carrier to take to the vet for her annual exam.

I had considered getting a dog crate (cage) to put both of the cats in, (and big enough to put in a food dish and small litter pan), but I wondered if they would get along. Of course, check with your vet before giving them anything.

They are quite territorial and spat over various spots in the house, so I was concerned they might not like being together in close quarters. Here's a couple links: Car...t=HEALTHSTRESS (you can buy it from this site) generic about flower remedies, not Rescue Remedy) source, so to speak) If your kitties spat when they've got free roam of the whole house and nothing to stress them, you really don't want to lock them in a kennel together when they're under stress.

I was hoping there was something out there that would calm her instead of making her feel sick and reclusive. When I take them to the vet, after getting them into their carriers, they calm down and are quiet. For the trip, at this point, we're planning on putting each one in her carrier, then in the back of our small station wagon.

Then every 4-5 hours, get into the back (with all doors closed!

On a long car trip, you might have less problems than you anticipate.

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