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And while no college is outright BAD, some are certainly better than others.And from there, it reasonably follows that one college -- and the town that makes it what it is -- must be the finest of them all.

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On stage DJ Tony Trimm spun hip hop, old school and new. She’s on the pill, but the other night I emptied it out, I was like . Lincoln Rice will not kiss dogs; white people do that.Of course, while we do encourage you to involve your parents when making decisions about your health, we know that not every young person feels safe or comfortable talking to his or her parents about these sensitive subjects. Below are links to the Teen Matters clinics in the Northeast Health District: Interesting Information The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has a fun and informative website, that may also help you find ways to start an open and honest conversation with your parents or our health educations about your sexual health.The CDC has published some interesting information on pregnancy prevention in teens age 15-17 that is worth reading and discussing with a health educator or health department nurse.The bass was too much by the front speakers, but in the middle of the room your body was filled with 808 blessings. if motherfuckers said you did something twenty times, you did it at least four. Born in 1983, on the generational cusp, Buress also makes us wonder if Millennial angst has roots in white privilege.Jannelle James was the perfect opener, gorgeous in black jeans, black shirt and blowout afro—sassy, bold, and, at times, vulnerable. “I have feminists writing me: thank you so much, thank you so much, thank you so much for what you did. Before The Cosby Show, Dick Gregory says that much of America had never seen a successful black doctor or lawyer.That beautiful campus through which Tom Green tours perspective students -- and the mom he later makes out with -- is actually UGA's historic North Campus. To keep this from happening accidentally, elbowing and shoving will 100% happen.

Everyone agrees this is a totally rational superstition.

“I see y’all motherfuckers with your cellphone, put that shit down, I’m not trying to be in the news again. What do you see in my future.” My good friend and professional mediator Michael Ziegler did wonder: “But why’s Hannibal gotta hate on Iggy Azalea? Doesn’t he know that a dis to Iggy Azalea is a dis to Swaggy P—and by further extension—a dis to Kendrick Lamar?

I noticed you motherfuckers trying to get you a 0 TMZ check . Unacceptable.” In Buress’s defense, he never mentioned Iggy by name.

Yep, Widespread Panic, Drive-By Truckers, and the B-52s also all got their starts in Athens.

The town isn't known as the birthplace of modern alt rock and new wave for nothing. The football stadium doubles as a pet cemetery All deceased Ugas -- the English Bulldogs that've served as the Georgia mascot since 1956 -- are entombed in a wall mausoleum near Gate 9 of Sanford Stadium. Well, let's just say that on game day he lounges on the field near the cheerleaders in an air-conditioned doghouse.

Of course, many who visit Teen Matters come to protect their health and plan for their future by getting exams and testing, immunizations, condoms and birth control.

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