Show and rainie dating

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Show and rainie dating - tucson online dating

She subsequently released her third album, My Other Self on 7 September 2007.

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It's like how Rachel Mc Adams and Ryan Gosling first hated each other's guts, but then their chemistry on screen was off the roof.Seen as a publicity stunt by some fans, reps from both artistes denied the claims and emphasised that they are "very close friends".Rainie and Show were romantically linked with different partners a couple of months later.After the performance, I asked him candidly 'Is there a misunderstanding between us? Initially, he denied there was," Rainie replied when asked how the pair made up.When asked why they did not get together after the drama ended, Show said that they were busy with their own schedules and that "we are just very good friends. It's happy to be friends [with her]." idk they used to hate each other.Hoping to portray herself as a "serious" actress, Yang co-starred in the lesbian-themed film Spider Lilies alongside Isabella Leong.

However, after co-starring in Spider Lilies, Yang returned to her previous cute image by becoming the main actress in the drama Why Why Love, co-starring with Mike He and Kingone Wang, which aired during the summer of 2007.After the group disbanded in 2002, Yang continued to pursue a career in the entertainment industry as a TV host, hosting shows such as the variety show Guess Guess Guess.After playing supporting roles in several Taiwanese dramas, including the highly popular pan-Asia hit Taiwanese idol drama series Meteor Garden, she landed the main role as Qi Yue, in the CTV drama Devil Beside You opposite Mike He in 2005.from what i heard the infamous one was the fact that rainie and mike he hated each other, they used to be in a clique with joe cheng, ariel lin,the late xu wei lun, blackie etc but then mike and ariel ended on bad term ( they dated) and everything fall apart between rainie and mike rainie, ariel and joe are still bff though Thin line between love and hate I don't know much about how they felt about each other though.I just remember watching an show where Rainie was ranking her male co-stars' kissing techniques, and she said Show Luo told her to rank him as #1 lmao yes, that was before and during the film of "hi my sweetheart" after that i honestly think they dated for a while but now are just best friends did u watch "hi my sweethear" ?On 23 April 2008, while filming the Taiwanese drama Miss No Good in San Chih, Taiwan; Yang fell heavily from the stairs, and was sent to Mackay Memorial Hospital in Taipei.